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The Freakie Magnet focuses on cereal boxes and prizes from the 1960's
to TODAY. Each issue contains collector articles, classifieds, letters, news,
100's of pictures, and a full color cover. Fifteen issues have been produced
since the Fall of 1994. Newer issues are in full color cover to cover!

Below you can see exactly what the zine covers look like, as well as what
articles are featured in each issue...


F1.gif (22405 bytes)

#1. Pilot issue

F2.gif (24334 bytes)

#2: Cocoa Freakies


F3.gif (24322 bytes)

#3: Fruity Freakies


F4.gif (24883 bytes)

#4: Cap'n Crunch


F5.gif (27744 bytes)

#5: Monster Cereals


F6.gif (21654 bytes)

#6: Cereals of the world

F7.gif (16956 bytes)

#7: Fabulous Freakies

F8.gif (18360 bytes)

#8: Wheaties Sport Boxes &


F9.gif (21483 bytes)

#9: Wacky Packages &
Cereal Parodies


F10.gif (18143 bytes)

#10: Monster Cereals 2

F11.gif (22877 bytes)

#11: Cap'n Crunch 2/Nabisco
Dinosaurs/Crazy Cow

F12.gif (15700 bytes)

#12: R&L Premiums, Freakies
Transformation, M.U.S.C.L.E.,
Cereal Con IV and more...

F13.gif (12603 bytes)

#13: Star Wars Cereal Boxes,
Moonstones, Freakies,
and More!


Fm14.jpg (45042 bytes)

#14: Monster Cereals,
Quake Rings, Freakies,
New boxes



Fm15.jpg (47954 bytes)

#15: The Quake issue
Now available!

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